McCall’s Country Candles: Lilac

Liberty Bell

About this Fragrance ~ Open your window. It’s Spring and the Lilac has just begun to bloom. A gentle breeze brings in the fragrance of this light, delicate blossom. This scent is so authentic, and oh so pretty, down to its rich, deep lavender bouquet.

About this Product ~ Our Classic Jar Candle™ features labels that are reproductions of hand-painted designs by artist Dee McCall.

Made in the USA

McCall’s Country Canning has developed a range of glass jar candles, featuring embossed metal lids and attractive country-style labels. These candles are made in the USA and poured at the optimal level of fragrance to ensure an even, long-burning, highly scented experience from beginning to end.

This candle is available in the following size:

  • 26oz for £21.99 – approximately 160 hours burning time


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16 oz, 26 oz